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This Week On Nikkei Asian Review No.37:

Asian companies are navigating the trade war:
-For the last decade Chinese Metal Producer has been the Go-to for the American's factory even for the "anti-dumping" rules on the aluminum it produced in 2009. Still soon later Chinese company found a way to by pass that. But the Chinese company have ran out of option when the US make the 10% tariff on imports of aluminum. The chinese are now looking for the solution by expanding in Europe and at home.

Go-Jek and Grab begin race for regional dominance in Vietnam:
-The fierce competition between Southeast Asia's leading ride-hailing service Grab and its Indonesian rival Go-Jek is set to explode across borders as the latter rolls into Vietnam with plans for further regional expansion.

New iPhones debut against rising Chinese competitors:
-Apple unveiled three new takes on the iPhone on Wednesday amid doubts about the company's direction in Asia. Seeking growth beyond high-end consumers, Apple introduced the entry-level iPhone XR alongside its new premium models, the iPhone XS and XS Max.


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