Tải sách – Download sách Star Wars Rebels Fight The Empire! (DK Reads Beginning To Read) của tác giả William Shakespeare thuộc thể loại Ages 9 to 12 miễn phí định dạng PDF, EPUB, MOBI.

Could you stand up to the mighty Empire? Have you got what it takes to become a rebel? Star WarsRebels: Fight the Empire! reveals all about the daring adventures of the crew of the Ghost, and their heroic struggle to free the galaxy.

Review từ độc giả Nguyễn Việt Thành

How amazing it is . I love star wars so much so so much.

Star Wars Rebels: Fight the Empire! "Starting to read alone" level, is part of the new DK Reads series, with three reading levels that help children become confident readers. DK Reads is created in consultation with literacy experts and adheres to leveled reading scheme guidelines so the grammar, vocabulary and content are spot on for each stage. The "Starting to read alone" level develops skills to read confidently and accurately with fluency and good understanding.

New guided reading series from DK designed to help kids learn how to read and learn to love reading

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